OBRAR’s Environmental Project won the 10th Annual Round of the Fund for the Americas Initiative, which also funded the mentioned enterprise.

This project (“Installing solar energy in rural schools for  the sustainable development of young people”) combines indigenous traditional knowledge with clean technologies to provide electricity and heat, and to improve water quality for 100 indigenous children (Wichi People) in Chaco Rainforest, Argentina. The project combines climate change mitigation and adaptation, and it’s part of the environmental actions  promoted together with the Intellectual Property Institute of Buenos Aires – IPIBA.  

The Fund for the Americas (Argentine Chapter) was signed in 1993 between the Governments of Argentina and the United States, in order to implement the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative whose purpose is to encourage and support improvement in the lives of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean through market-oriented reforms and economic growth with interrelated actions to promote debt reduction, investment reforms, sustainable use of the environment, and child survival and child development. The Facility will support these objectives through administration of debt reduction operations, for those countries with democratically elected governments.